Feature Request: Location GPS

It would be great to be able to access the users location in order to filter for location specific content. For example local events or classes etc…

Also implement functionality to allow users to record their location? (e.g. a user may want to track the distance/route of a hike)

Hey, they added the option to enable permissions within the app some time ago, so by enabling the Locations permission you should be able to accomplish this.

We have a “detect location” button on our map on the website but it does not work on the app. How do I fix this and ensure it works on the mobile app version.

Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 12.19.57 PM

Hi @Adam not sure why it’s not working with your app, could be the call isn’t being recognized. For this I do suggest that you reach out to their support team so that they can fix it, here the link on reaching out to them: