Offline Data Collection/phone storage

I’m highly interested in building an app for a client that needs an auditing/data collection tool. Often the buildings they audit don’t have good internet connections because they are located in industrial or rural areas. We need an app solution that allows users to store data offline due to unreliable internet connections.

Does AppMySite provide offline features where the app can store data on the user’s phone?

Or is that completely dependant on the site build settings?

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Hi @cmauro139

I think you might have seen the new app build screens where you can choose the user permissions you’re need for your app. If you’re using a plugin on your website for the functionality you mention, you could sync it to the app with a combination of webviews and app permissions.

Hey, AppMySite apps seem to require a constant internet connection in order to work, so it doesn’t look like this’ll work for your website.