FEATURE REQUEST: Option To Hide Add To Cart Button For Catalog Mode WooCommerce Sites


I am working on a WordPress website project that uses WooCommerce.

The shop is being used as a catalog only (no purchases).

WooCommerce was set to catalog mode and does not have a Buy Now button on product pages. Unfortunately, AppMySite doesn’t support this. So while there are no Buy Now buttons on the website, the app will show the buttons.

Is there a setting to disable and hide the buy now button on AppMySite? If not, can this be considered?

I don’t want to resort to setting all products to “Out of Stock” as that doesn’t look good for the catalog.

Hopefully this makes sense, but if it doesn’t, please let me know so I can clarify further.


I think if you turn on webview for all product pages, the ATC buttons would be hidden if that’s how it works on your website. You can also achieve this by disabling user login. This basically restricts purchasing on the app, and turns the website into catalogue mode. Here’s a screenshot from my account:
Hope this helps!

Hey, I do realize I’m a little late but I think this was already the case? If you go to Settings → Users and disable user login the app also goes into Catalog mode.

Did you ever try this?