Firebase Set up not working

I’m trying to make my build with firebase push notifications turned on but not matter what i do, i get a build error saying

Build Failed

It appears the “Google Firebase Configuration” file uploaded is invalid. Ensure your Firebase project is setup correctly for this app.

I’ve followed the guide step by step but have been unsuccessful any insight could help

exactly , Same issue here

same there +1 I got same problem

For anyone who’s still having this issue.

There are some other things that have to be done from the Firebase side for the AppMySite build to be able to recognize that you turned on push notifications for the Firebase App.

Here’s a good walkthrough on it:

You have to make sure the APN’s Auth Key is created in your Apple Dev account and set as well as the Web Push Certificate

You have to go to Firebase Project > Project Settings > Cloud Messaging to make sure those are done first before you attempt to build.

Figured this out earlier today and wanted to make sure others were aware.

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mine working… without read this post

Hi @Alissa_Parabtani,

We hope you were able to resolve the issue with your Firebase setup. If not, please contact email support by clicking on this link.