My account has been taken over. Please help

My account has been taken over. Please help.\

Dear Sir,

I write this Ticket out of my utter bewilderment. When my account is gone.

On Jul 18, 2022
I have purchased the AppMysite package on AppSumo with a Tier 5 License.

Transaction code is: 0DB758…

Invoice ID is: 375aab35-c4d3-434f-803c-…

Payment account is:

Activation account to use the service is:

I have created somewhere around 200+ Websites. And I haven’t logged into my AppMysite account for a long time.

Today I logged in to a few of my accounts, everything was blank, after a while I found out that my account on AppMySite is very easy to be taken over by others, when just changing the Email, the real buyer will account hijacked.

Right now I am very confused and hope for help.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards.!