Payment pop-up not opening in webview


I have an urgent problem. I have a webpage that is loading inside my app, and the payment gateway isn’t working. Because it’s opening through a pop-up (where you need to open the bank) it doesn’t show the pop-up and all payments are failing.

I have a video example below. Can somebody please help me? This is a very urgent cause because nobody can pay right now.


On Android we receive the following error: ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME. This refers that the webview cannot open links that aren’t starting with http:// or https://.

Since this needs to be adapted in the source code to allow these sort of actions we are stuck until a hotfix from the development team of AppMySite.

Opening the bank application in a webview needs to be a possibility otherwise nobody can checkout on our app…

Still no reply, the support team also gone silent… Made 2 tickets since last monday and zero response…

What is taking so long? They are not helping at all…