Questions before I use Appmysite


So below is what I asked support and they sent me a generic auto response. I would change to Woo or Shopify if appmysite will meet my needs.

Few questions, so my site is through Shift4shop, formally 3dcart. So im understanding I can build a app from the info in my shift4shop site? I have alot of categories and products.

This is the important question, as my sales move going through the site to the app, will the purchases made on the app go to shift4shop to adjust inventory etc?

I sell on ebay also and my inventory is handled by Ecomdash so if a sale is made on ebay it updates the inventory on ebay and shift4shop, and the opposite way as well.

And I use ship station so orders made through shift4shop or ebay then go to shipstation.

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Hi @rcpete ,

Welcome to the AppMySite community! To better understand your requirement and recommend a solution, we request you to book a call with an App Product Specialist using the link.