Fluidity problem when navigating Homepage and Products List


Fluidity problem when navigating Homepage and Products List

I have seen here several times your answer about the relation between the quality/capacity of the website server and the speed of the application.
However, my question is not related to speed but to fluidity navigation problems.

When scrolling through the homepage or a list of products within a category, there are small jumps, and “crashes”, even after the page has already fully loaded.
I tested it on 4 different mobile phones, with your demo application and others Apps I found on Google Play, created through your App.
Curiously, when navigating for example in an individual product, there are no more errors.
Here is the video (45 sec) that shows the problem:

I believe you aware of this problem.
Will you solve it? If yes, when?

Thank you.

Hi @rcbranco I believe many of the navigation bottlenecks have now been resolved with the addition of the bottom menu. Have you tried it out on your app yet?