Loyalty Stamp Card Program

Be able to set up an in-app “stamp card” as loyalty program.

This feature is offered in other No code App Builder and would be great to have same feature in AppMysite.

Note: I know that AppMysite offers compatibility with “WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin” but this plugin does not offer the ability to issue “Loyalty Stamp Card”

Loyalty Program example

Reward customer loyalty with special offers and rewards using in-app stamp cards and QR codes.

  1. Give a stamp to the user when arrives to the shop and reads a QR Code.
  2. Give a stamp or certain number of stamps when user reads a QR Code after authorization by password from shop staff.

Hey @nextmoney , I saw that they recently added a whole feature request page for their website now, AppMySite Feature Requests

I talked to one of their chat agents and he confirmed that going forward they’d be using this page to get featured requests only. So if this still isn’t part of their offering I suggest that you add it as a feature request now.

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Hi Akash
Sorry for the late reply.

Noted that the request had been added.
Thanks a lot!