Remove the Appsumo License Tier 5 in the account

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I have an Appsumo License Tier 5
Should be nice if you can remove the name Appsumo License Tier 5 from the App dashboard. When I give access to an App to a client doesn’t looks nice. Maybe can be written only LIFETIME LICENSE or AGENCY LIFETIME PLAN but not Appsumo tier 5.

Thank you, for your hard work!


if they mentioned that appsumo tier. its mean there’s no future updates for this type of users.


Agree … if this can be just lifetime or unlimited … it will be cool…


I agree, Vitalício would be ideal.

Following this post.

"On AppSumo branding within the client portal

We understand you’d like to hide AppSumo branding from the client portal and we feel it’s only fair that we remove that feature from the dashboard. Considering most Sumolings are agency owners, we are happy to consider this request and remove the display of any plan you are on via AppSumo. The change should be implemented in the month of June!"

  • This is what I found in the q&a section of this deal in AppSumo and wanted to figure out what are the updates rolled out in this regard !

I think this feature is live now. Users in the Manager and User roles can’t see the plan name and pricing. Have you guys checked it out yet?

Hello! Personally I can still see in a client dashboard Appsumo Lifetime Tier 5…also I see that in the “users” the client and me we can see the IP of each other!

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 18.36.15

Hi @Chris

I think the new update is for the users you invite. So if a user you invite has been assigned the Manager or User role, they would not be able to see the AppSumo branding. Can the people you’ve invited to your app so the AppSumo branding?

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ok, I see! thank you. Great Job! :star_struck:

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