Disappointed ☹️ a bout LTD deal

Disappointed :frowning:
Appmysite created a new plan and added new interested features, and the new features will not be included in LTD deal


That sucks… I don’t even know why this community exist. They do not communicate with their customers. sad.


I’m LTD full stack and not using appmysite yet untill solve their problem and waiting for new features, And I was shocked when I found out that the new features won’t be for LTD holder


I know it was really misleading, they were boasting about their roadmap on Appsumo and made it seem like all the new features would be included with the deal.


Now They released new features with subscriptions

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I agree. It isn’t right that you created a whole new tier, and then didn’t give your existing AppSumo people access to it. You made reference many times to one day including new functionally in the Q and A section on AppSumo.


Yes, very disappointing. I’m another who full stacked believing in their road map. Very bad move from AppMysite.

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What features are not being supported? Just wondering as I also bought licence, but waiting for features to improve.

I bought an appsumo Deal, does it mean that I won’t get new updates?

I bought full-stack last time AMS was on AppSumo. I ended up opting for a refund because I was having a lot of problems with the app, mostly due to my server (hosting provider) but also a few minor issues with the app itself. I regretted the choice at the time because I really liked and still like AppMySite’s platform, but I was not in a position to change servers (web hosts) at the time of my initial purchase many months back.

I recently switched hosting providers and was excited to see AMS back on AppSumo with their lifetime offer so I decided to test it out with my new server and the results were amazing compared to before.

I was very close to re-purchasing the full stack on AppSumo but then I started to see a lot of complaints and learned that AMS launched a new plan “Premium”.

I am struggling as to whether or not I am going to re-invest into AppMySite, I feel the platform has a lot of potential but I feel the addition of a “Premium” plan seems like a convenient way to push a lot of updates to the premium plan, forcing all lifetime deal holders of the pro plan to make additional purchases. In other words, anyone who purchased the previous lifetime deal on AppSumo would have gone in with the full assumption that all updates would apply to them moving forward, but a premium plan added after the lifetime deal would take that away.

I think my biggest concern about re-investing into AppMySite is that all the things I looked forward to including native apps not requiring CMS, Shopify Application, etc… that these roadmap items are going to get pushed to Premium and not be available as part of the AppSumo lifetime deal.

The other thing that has me at a loss is that their “PRO” plan does not include Priority Support at the very least.

I’m at a loss on what to decide…

I think everyone gets new updates, despite the plan they’re on. Some new features may get moved to a different plan, or add-on at times. Code version updates are generally available for everyone, and you should be able to update your app from time to time.

It’s a little unfair to assume that every new update would go to the Premium plan. I remember during their first AppSumo run, support for CPTs was the most prominent demand from lifetime deal holders. When they announced support for CPTs a couple of months later, it was available for all users.

Yes, some features may go to premium, but I don’t think every feature will go down the same route.

I agree and sorry, I didn’t mean to come across as sounding like “all” updates/releases were going to premium.

My concern is that with the Premium tier, there is now the possibility that items such as Shopify and Non-CMS Native Apps will get pushed to Premium and not be included in the PRO plan, which wouldn’t have been a problem before the newly launched Premium plan was released. I hope that makes sense and kind of clarifies things from my last post.

Don’t get me wrong, paying is not a problem as I feel strongly about supporting companies and their products. The only way a company and product can be sustainable, grow and improve is if it has a means of charging for a product or service. So I’m totally on board for add-ons and such, I just hope that the Pro Plan doesn’t become idle in terms of major functionality wanted by the community that is posted on the roadmap (e.g. Shopify and Native App).

On a positive note, I bit the bullet and decided to re-purchase the AppSumo deal, full-stack so let’s see what the future has in store :slight_smile:

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I regret a lot to have bought Tier 5 on this deal.
Would go to give them 2 tacos, but the deal disappeared. Even in the “bought deals”, what is very, very suspicious. =(

I want to understand…
“Shopify and Non-CMS Native Apps will get pushed to Premium” ???

Appsumo LTD will not get this?
Why do they show us the Roadmap and claim we will get all the updates there?

This is on the Roadmap Create an app for ANY website (Not just WordPress)

@ChrisK @ZOZORA I don’t think we’ll have to worry about this, when they recently released support for non-WordPress websites to be converted to apps, the LTD holders had access to this as well.

I also talked to a livechat agent of theirs regarding what types of things will be available for LTD vs what’ll get added to Premium. They said anything that would affect all customers (like support for CPTs, being able to make apps with non-WP websites, etc) will be available to all customers LTD holders included obviously. But, things that are just a convenience or an enhancement for the app management will be added as Premium features like they did with Analytics and the auto-publish feature. The auto-publish feature is just 100% for convenience to avoid having to use the Transporter app. So it’s not like your apps will be inferior to Premium plan apps, they just have Analytics provided by AMS and can publish their apps without the Apple Transporter app.

Also, the premium plan is expensive $99/monthly so it’s not like the new plan is just better.