Should I use the Appstore Addon or Fiverr?

Hi Guys,

I’m a newbie here and JUMPED on the AppMySite offer.

I have been tossing around the idea to create an APP for my site for sometime.

My question to you is two-part.

First, How much is the AppStore Add-On as I can not find it on the site anywhere?
Secondly, is it better to have someone at Fiverr to upload my App to the stores or have the AppMySite staff do it?

Thank you kindly.

Hi there. I believe the Upload to App Stores addon costs $199 on AppMySite. I would recommend using the addon as the AppMySite guys are more experienced when it comes to submitting apps to the app stores. With Fiver, you never know.

You can also refer to their Help Centre for guidance. They have pretty detailed articles on submitting apps to the app stores. So if you’re happy to try doing this yourself first, the help centre articles are a good place to start. Here’s their help centre link for your reference: