Detecting / adding a unique User Agent for the in-app browser

Hey everyone, I am wanting to display certain pages or posts in from my website using my websites theme, but i want to be able to hide the header and footer. I’m using the Divi theme and it has the ability to add display conditions to show or hide sections/rows/modules etc based on browsers and devices. With the help of a developer I’ve been able to add a custom browser agent to the list and want to know if the AppMySite app has an already existing custom user agent attached to its in-app browser (and if so, what is the user agent ID) and if not, is it possible to have a custom user agent added/created. If this can be done than I will have much greater control over the layout of embeded and fully styled divi pages and posts within the appmysite app.

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Yes, I’m trying to find out the same thing. What is the User-Agent name so I can style target the style of my site for users that are using the app.

Do you have any notice for this? or cheat for doing this? I was trying with iframe detection but doesn’t work… I’m trying to hide my burger menu