Integration with HTML5 Video Player (WP plugin)

Currently Product Description videos embedded using this plugin dont show in AMS. Thats a tragedy as all our product videos are set through this video player.

Hi @slayoffer Have you tried turning on the webview for the product screens? This option is available in the Settings module and could help you show your videos in the app. Give it a try as it might work.

Hi Sheen! Yes, ive seen this function appear, but didnt try it yet. Actually we removed all the HTML5 VP video embeds and use standard WP video emdebs now. So no problem already. 3 months passed =) Thanks for reaching out anyways!

Oh I see. How are the standard WP Video embeds working with AppMySite? From what I understand, AppMySite supports YouTube embeds.

Hey there! Looking at the app preview its working just fine! And AMS reported some time ago that they officially support WP YouTube embeds. But we didnt publish the app yet.

That’s nice! Good to know that WP Video embeds are also working. Will try it out myself too!

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